Welcome to my Ramblings and Meandering Adventures, I am proudly Pagan, Eclectic by nature and follow the winding path of the Wild Woman, Priestess, Mentor, Facilitator and Healer. I have a background in Holistic Therapies and have recently qualified as an Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner.

I am a committed Path Worker, helping people to find their inner story, connection and balance is my calling. Personal Transformation is possible for everyone, there is nothing more satisfying then assisting others to begin walking their own path authentically and with integrity. I believe in guiding others to Empower themselves, finding your own path is a personal journey that no one else has the right to dictate to you.

My Magickal Practices are Eclectic and I offer my knowledge and experience regularly through workshops on the beautiful Gold Coast, that provide a supported space of learning and sharing, covering topics such as: Lunar Knowledge, Herbal Lore, Southern Sabbats, Deity Connections, Sacred Ceremony and Spell Crafting.

I am also a qualified Holistic Meditation Teacher through the Yoga Alliance Australia and facilitate Regular Guided Meditation Classes & Workshops on the Southern Gold Coast. Providing a platform for others to discover the incredible benefits of meditation both in their normal daily lives and also in their Magickal Practices is a profound privilege.

Come join me along the winding Wayward path, in my pursuit for knowledge and Spiritual Growth. Pull up a chair with a mug of your favourite tea, mind the cat and pay no attention to the cobwebs.

I welcome your company.

Yours in Magick and Meditation,
(Jen) Juniper Rose

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Greetings I am Jen, magickally known as Juniper Rose,                                                                28167016_10214012708604549_1907097410009050173_n

Wild Woman, Priestess, Facilitator, Meditator, Mentor, Path Worker, if labels be necessary, however I am not fond of them so I am simply Me.

Join me here at the Wayward Path and Meditation Matters for Guidance, Knowledge Sharing, Meditative Inspiration, Magickal Workings and Lunar Observances I hope you will find something to enjoy whilst you sip your tea.

As a child I played in the creek, collected stones and feathers, ran wild and barefoot along muddy paths in the rain. I ate berries that stained my teeth and rode horses at break neck speed with the wind in my hair. I was wild and free and high spirited, not much has change really except I have learnt to channel my energy in a more focused way, I believe I have gained some timely wisdom along the way that is well worth sharing and hope that it may be of interest to you in your journey through this magickal life.

My Girlhood friends wanted to be ballerinas, I wanted to ride dragons, explore dark caves and wear feathers in my hair. I wanted so much more then a ‘normal life’, looking back I was already walking the path then, though with no one to guide me or encourage me, I had no idea that I was vastly different, I was just Me.

This changed when I went to Boarding School and began to realise that I was not like most of the other girls, nor did I want the same things in life. Mainstream religion did not fulfil me nor did I believe in its indoctrination, there were so many questions left unanswered, there was a distinct lack of female presence and power. I could not accept its confines, so I went searching for more.  I wanted adventure and longed to travel to exciting inspiring places, I wished to learn mysterious things to study the wonders of the energetic world and to explore where ever the Wild Winds blew me.

Since those early days I have dwelt in both Hemisphere’s, spending 11 years in the UK living in a gypsy life in Trucks and buses in the woods, attending festivals, frolicking in stone circles and dancing to my own sacred drum beat. I have watched the Sun rise over Stonehenge on Summer Solstice morn, visited Holy Wells and followed Ley Lines. I have sung and danced and thrown caution to the wind. I have filled my heart with light and also followed the darker paths to the Shadow Realm, for I am happiest when both sides of my nature are fulfilled and harmonious.

Along the way I discovered the wonders of Meditation and a whole universe opened up before me, filling my heart with the desire to share it with all that found their way to me and I have been doing so for many years and am full of gratitude for the benefits it has created in my life and those lives I have had the fortune to witness.

To truly understand our nature and know ourselves we must journey inward to our dark places, the Realm of the Shadow Self, those secret parts of ourselves we have buried in order to heal and embrace our true identity, for this is authenticity.

There are many sides to my eclectic nature and I hope to share my experiences with you as you journey along your own unique path with authenticity and integrity. May you find connection and inspiration here amongst the Old Gods, beneath the Moon – wild and free.

“Fancies are like Shadows…..You can’t cage them. they’re such Wayward dancing things.”

Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Blessings Dear Ones,


The Wayward Path

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